Welcome to your First Time Buyer Quiz

1. When Do you NOT need a Driver's License in California?

2. When would you need a Real ID card vs a Driver’s License?

3. When CAN you drive with an instructors permit?

4. What is not included in your DMV Examination?:

Your new question!

5. How old must you be to get a Minors’ Permit?:

6. Which of these is recommended when using technology when driving?

7. When is the driver legally responsible for passengers wearing their seatbelt?

8. Which is an example of distracted driving?

9. When CAN’T you make a right turn on a red light?

10. Which of these is not a pedestrian?

11. What is California’s ‘Basic Speed Law’?

12. What is the speed limit for driving in an alley?

13. What is the speed limit for driving in a Business or Residential district?

14. Where should you be looking when driving?

15. What should you do if a vehicle merges in front of you too closely?

16. How much distance do you need to completely stop when driving at 55mph?

17. When CAN you drive to the left of TWO solid yellow lines?

18. For what distance may you drive legally in a center left turn lane?

19. When can you drive in a bicycle lane?

20. When can you park at a white curb?